How to include your groom in your wedding

Ah yes, the age old question: How do I involve my hubby-to-be in our wedding? This can be a tough question for a lot of brides, as most of us grew up thinking about what our weddings would be like some day, when we had finally found our own Prince Charming. We’ve gotten to witness countless celebrity & friends weddings, wondering when we would finally get our day to be in the spotlight. But there’s a small catch- the person you’re marrying may have their own ideas (oops, perhaps we didn’t see that one coming), or may not want to be involved at all. We’ve known plenty of grooms who when asked a wedding question, point at their future bride for the answer. Well, here’s a few ideas to get your man a little more involved in the planning process, without hammering him with wedding details from now until your wedding day.

  1. Make him in charge of the most important things to him

Talk to your honey and find out what the most important elements are to him. If you’re marrying a foodie, the meal and alcohol/wine pairings may be hugely important to him.

1Another groom might have an enormous music collection, and will want to work on finding the best DJ and creating a playlist with them. My man is in marketing and is an Apple snob, so he has already claimed designing our invitations & creating a slideshow for our wedding (conveniently, neither of which I have an interest in). Having this discussion will allow both of you to understand what is important to each of you in your wedding, and makes it easier to divide tasks. If you’re not great with computers and he hates the idea of looking at flowers, he could take the slideshow while you pick out bouquets with your mom/bridesmaids/planner! If you’re not super picky about the men’s attire, why not let him pick out what he thinks would work best on his guys? It’s a way to divide and conquer using what you both are interested in. Of course, discussions of veto power should happen BEFORE you send him shopping!

  1. Add something he loves

While all weddings are a representation of the couple, sometimes the style of it has less to do with their personalities, and more to do with the color scheme, time of year, etc. So adding in small personal details can be a great way to represent your man. This can be something huge, like your venue, or it can be the tiniest detail. If there’s something your fiancé loves but you’re not sure it could fit in the grand scheme of your wedding, maybe see if it can fit in somewhere else.

For example, I had a wedding that had a grand 5 tier cake with peonies on it, and the groom had a small one tier cake that was made to look like an iPad sitting on its box. On the screen was a comic the groom had picked out himself. Another wedding just this summer had its ceremony in the middle of a hockey rink – for the hockey obsessed groom! It led to a beautiful outdoor ceremony and was a great way for the groom to be represented.

If your honey is a big football fan, maybe he could put the garter around a football during the garter toss. If he’s a comic buff, check for cufflinks of his favorite superhero! There’s plenty of ways to add fun details without changing the style of your entire wedding.

Photography by Abby + Dave (

Photography by Abby + Dave (

  1. Find out what he’s liked/disliked at previous weddings

Especially if there’s weddings you’ve been to together, since you’ll know what he’s referring to if he says something about, “the weird EXTRA plates under the dinner plates” (those are “charger plates” for the uncertain, and no, they aren’t required…although they do look FANTASTIC!). Not only is this a good way to see specific elements of décor and the like, but it is also a great way to see traditions and other things in action, and whether or not you liked them.

Not a fan of the glass clinking when guests want you to kiss? Think of a game or two for guests to play instead- it’s more interactive and far less noisy! You could also have guests donate to a charity that’s close to your heart; the better the donation, the better the kiss!

Did you love love love the bridesmaid dresses, men’s attire, the wedding cake? Find out which vendors they used, and talk to your planner about them! There’s a chance you could get a referral deal, or we already know them, and you already know they have a quality product.

  1. Have him plan the honeymoon

Okay, let’s face it. There are some guys who are just not into any wedding planning at all. A great alternative for this groom may to be in charge of the honeymoon! I had a bride last year where her husband planned the entire honeymoon- and kept it a surprise to boot! She didn’t find out until they were at the airport where they were headed (For all you curious ones- he took her to France!).


  1. Schedule wedding talk time

Even the grooms that want to be involved in every aspect of the wedding have a limit of how often they want to discuss the wedding. Most guys aren’t programmed to have wedding talk 24/7, so put aside some time to discuss wedding related things. Doing this will prepare both of you for the things you’d like to discuss, and neither of you is being bombarded with random wedding ideas at all hours of the day.

Just remember, even though you likely have an idea of what you would like, remember it is his big day too and you need to respect his ideas and decisions, even if he chooses to be involved in the planning process as little as possible. After all, this is the man you’ve chosen to spend your life with! If you are still having trouble involving your groom, bring him along to your appointment with your wedding planner. That’s our job and we will be happy to help involve him or coax some ideas out of him that he didn’t even know he had!

– Faith, (It’s all in the) Details, Wedding Planner

Keeping Your Bridesmaids Happy

bridesmaidsI’ve been lucky as a bridesmaid. I have been one twice, both times they were amazing experiences that I cherish. The brides in question I have known for a very long time, and I consider them my best friends. I was extremely honored to share this important day with them, I can truly say that I enjoyed being involved from start to finish.

Being a bridesmaid can be a tough job, not to mention an expensive one. Between buying a dress, shoes, planning, and paying for parties, it can add up quickly. There sometimes seems to be an expectation to go above and beyond the call of duty. But it’s important to remember that, not only does the bride need to be happy, but those you have asked to stand by your side as well.

Your bridesmaids are your best friends, women that you have chosen to stand with you at the altar, on one of the most important days of your life. Yet, most of us have probably heard a few horror stories of friendships being ruined during the process. This is something that can and should be avoided! Before they were in your wedding party they were your friends, you want to keep it that way during the planning, and after the wedding, so here are some tips to keep your leading ladies happy:

1. Choose a flattering dress

All of us have heard the line, “You can totally wear this dress again!”- which is most likely not the case (costume parties don’t count!) Let your bridesmaids have some input, you want to make sure they feel comfortable on this important day. If you plan on putting your bridesmaids all in the same dress, make sure you pick something that will complement all different shapes and sizes.

2. Realize they have a life outside of your wedding.

Your bridesmaids are happy to help you out with most things – DIY projects, picking up dresses, or mailing invites. But don’t forgot that they have lives too! Don’t resent them if they can’t make it to a few things, especially plans that are last minute.

3. Be budget conscious

Being a bridesmaid is an honor but it’s also a expensive one. Make sure you keep in mind that they have a budget to adhere to as well. It’s always appreciated to keep costs down whenever you can.

4. Wedding day Itinerary

Make it easy for them on the day. Print out or email them an itinerary with a timeline of events, so they know when and where to be during the day. This makes it less stressful for everyone, so you can all relax and enjoy the day. This is something that your wedding planner can take care of for you!

5. Be a friend

It’s really easy getting caught up in the planning of your wedding, after all it can be really exciting and stressful time. But don’t forget to talk to your friends about non wedding related things! Your friends have lives that they want to share with you, so make an effort to stay present in their lives. Also don’t forget to thank them for all they have done for the wedding and as a friend.

– Jessica, (It’s all in the) Details, Wedding Planner

Who would be the best people to take wedding dress shopping?

I worked in a bridal gown boutique for a few months and loved every moment of it! It was so interesting listening to brides talk about their special day, seeing their beautiful engagement rings and of course watching the excitement of them trying all the stunning gowns! This is really the place that I began to fall in love with weddings!

It’s a day that many girls fantasize about trying on their dream dress but finding the perfect one can take some time which means the support of those special people in your life is so important!


The first person that comes to mind that is so important to take with you is your mum! They have been with you since you were born, usually know what you would and wouldn’t like and can be pretty honest! You need to have someone that’s honest with you because you don’t want to look like a marshmallow on your big day. I didn’t see many Dad’s at the appointments but when I did I could see how close some of the brides were with their fathers so I think this is also a good option! Common opinions with Dad’s were that they didn’t want their daughters wearing anything too revealing! But when it came down to it they were honest and very supportive with what their daughters wanted. They always knew when it was “the” dress!

When I worked in the boutique I saw many people try on dresses that did not suit them! But some of their friends would tell them how amazing they looked! I found that the mum’s had the best advice and were the most honest and the most sensitive.

The next person that I would say is important to have with you is a best friend/ bridesmaid that you’ve known for years, again not only did I find that they were honest but supportive and will stick up for you if they think that someone isn’t being supportive or honest. They would be someone that you can confide in and trust no matter what!

You should have a couple of different friends or family that have a range of styles and opinions so that you can get a range of idea but when it comes down to the final choice you can rely on your mum/dad and best friend.

Having these friends and family there on you gown shopping day will hopefully make the day the one you always dreamed of! Just remember that some stores limit the number of people that attend a fitting, so always call ahead!

-Ellie, (it’s all in the) Details, Wedding Planner

Aisle Runners


When I got married, I became obsessed with aisle runners.  You see, the church that we got married in was kinda weird! Instead of one aisle down the centre, there were two aisles along the sides of the church.  Like this: That thing you see on the left of the aisle, is the alter, which was in the middle of the church.  And there are pews on the right.  So our march down the aisle was really more of a promenade around a box.  This church was very special to us, so that’s what we were stuck with.  Cut to my obsession; how to make a weird layout more wedding-y.  My solution was aisle runners.  I’m not even sure why.  It just worked in my opinion.

Aisle Runner - church

So, despite not having any room in the budget, I INSISTED we get these custom, handmade aisle runners.  Up until this point, you should understand, I was so reasonable.  I was so on budget and SO NOT BRIDEZILLA-Y (that’s a word, right?!).  But this became the make it or break it detail of the wedding in my twisted little mind (I mean, really, it was just an aisle runner- well two to be exact).

And you know what. I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE THEM on my wedding day.  I 100% totally forgot about them as I was walking down the aisle.  Music was playing, and my hubby-to-be was watching me with tears in his eyes.  They didn’t matter one bit.

I’m so glad that my photographer (who was AMAZING by the way ( took a picture of them for me.  I have proof that they were there, AND people walked on them and saw the custom R&B logo, etc. But did they make my wedding.  No, what made my wedding was all of the love and laughter and joy that I felt that day! What made my wedding was marrying the best person, and partner I could have ever asked for.

Aisle Runner - R & B

So my advice for all of you beautiful brides to be?  Have details, enjoy the planning, get something custom made; but for the love of all that is good in the world, don’t become too obsessed with aisle runners!  And if you do, hire a wedding planner to make sure that they stay unrumpled throughout the day- people walk all over those things!

-Rochelle, (it’s all in the) Details, Office Manager


Coloured Wedding Dresses



The tradition of a white wedding dress was meant to symbolize virginity; pure white. As the times change and relationships with them, people are bucking tradition. For some white still means entering your marriage untouched, whereas for others it is just what they picture in their dream wedding. With so many choices when it comes to planning a wedding, who knew the colour of your dress would be one of them?


Most when they think wedding dress they think of colours in the form of white, cream, ivory, eggshell. Not many think of yellow, pink, purple, or black. For your wedding, you want to be the centre of attention. Glowing in white against a background of colours. What if you were to decide to be the centre of attention with a bold coloured wedding dress against a soft palate background?


When shopping for a wedding dress, we look to several sources for ideas. One of which is celebrities and there have been quite a few that choose a non-white gown to say ‘I do’. Jessica Alba wore a light pink wedding dress when she married Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefanie had a white dress with pink embellishments on the end, Dita Von Tease wore a purple gown to her not so traditional wedding to Marilyn Manson. Your wedding is an expression of you and your husband-to-be as a couple. Coloured wedding dresses stand out and are another way to show who you are. If you’re looking for a way to be different, colour is one way to do that.


Dita Von Teese


If the idea of a full gown in another colour than white is a little too dramatic, you can add colour in more subtle ways. A coloured sash, under skirting to pop out subtly as you move, beading on the dress, or small panels in the bust or skirt as a peekaboo. If you think colour is only meant for anyone but the bride, then stay with white. Regardless of your preference, pick a dress that makes you feel beautiful in any colour your heart desires. It’s a day filled with love, family and celebration so make it your own.

How to make your $3 invites look like $15 invites

Hello, sunshines! We’ve been hard at work lately with our Summer brides, but we most certainly haven’t forgotten about our Fall brides either! For all of you September, October, November ladies, you should be knee deep in the stationery phase – designing, wording, proofting and hopefully approving!

For those of you who are doing things a little more DIY, we wanted to talk about calligraphy. A very traditional, but incredibly dramatic and elegant type of scripture, calligraphy really gives invitations an extra bit of shine. With a little elbow grease, you can get the look of a $12 invite for about $2 – $3, and use that font of your programs, place cards, menus, table numbers, you name it!

If you’re ordering your invitations from Vista Print or the like, you have the option to pre-design your own invite (to create a design, save as a JPG and upload it a blank card). Although if you’re not all that computer literally, this can be insanely, insanely time consuming, however the outcome is well worth the man hours. This is the time to call in a favour from that techie bridesmaid you adore.

A quick history lesson for you: almost every culture has it’s own unique calligraphy. Western, East Asian, Indian, even the Mayans had their own unique brand of scripture and of course, within each culture, there were a multitude of styles and techniques. So why am I telling you this? Because really, it’s like a tattoo. Don’t pick the calligraphy just because it looks cool. Make sure you understand the style you are using – after all, you wouldn’t want your invites to be spelled out in the Islamic calligraphy that honours the dead, now would you?

Obviously, with the use of computer, modern Western calligraphy has grown into a spectacular range of options. Far more whimsical and a less rigid typeface, calligraphy can easily match all sorts of themes: vintage, classic, rustic, home grown, event ultra modern. Here are a few calligraphy fonts we just love when you’re creating your own stationery.

Young Love E5: Very traditional, this font is slender and swoopy, with big long tails and high backs. The long letters give off a very elegant and refined feel.

Font: Young Love E5

Freebooter Script: This is a more relaxed and casual calligraphy, kind of has a whimsical feel to it. Love the curly tops to the backs of letter and the big bubbles on the tails.

Font: Freebooter Script

Launie Day SH: This font has a nice country feel to it, as opposed to something more elegant. Love the nice rounded tummies on the letters, and the straight tails provide great contrast.

Font: Launie Day SH


Up, up and away!

Colourful balloon arch!

With all the love lately for sweet and simple wedding ideas , we can’t help but notice the easy-does-it wedding styles that are taking over. It’s about the beauty of simplicity, not about the over complication and intense details of every day. The details have become what they should be – special touches that guests notice here and there, not an overwhelming onslaught of your theme.

A trend that we’re so excited to see stirring in the hearts of couples brings us back to the all the fun of our childhood – by now, certainly you’ve guessed, we’re talking about balloons! Inexpensive, whimsical, versatile and can come in any variety of shape, size and sheer number, balloons are no longer the decor for your little sister’s cheesy 6th birthday. They are simply burst with love – so here’s a collage of some of our FAV balloon ideas!

Balloons are a fun, lighthearted and easy way to bring your colour scheme with you at your wedding!

Think about a bouquet of balloons – why not walk down the aisle with a huge bundle of them in your exact colour schemes. After you’ve said your vows, you and your hubs can let them go together!

Adorable balloon stationery

An easy design for a extra fun spirited couple, balloons symbolize youth, energy and light heartedness. Paint an early picture of what your day will be with balloons on your stationery.

How about a personalized balloon Save the Date?

And for that matter, why not make your balloon stationery? LOVING this balloon save the date! Pop the deflated balloon in an envelope with a small note card and when you guests blow it up, voila! Have them take photos of themselves with the balloon to RSVP.

Amazing - a balloon canopy!

This one could be tricky, but ultimately, would look incredible. A balloon canopy floating of your vows would be incredibly memorable for guests.

These balloon got a dressed up for the party - mini hot air balloons!

You thought it couldn’t be done, but we can easily see these classy balloons dressed up as beautiful centre pieces. A great DIY project, simply wrap ribbon around the balloon and secure with some double sided tape, and then embellish with tiny bunting and other paper!

How about tasty balloon treats?

Okay, so is it me or do those balloon cake pops look insanely delicious? The icing job is a smidge complex for me, but if you have a bridesmaids that loves to bake then this is a great task for her to help make your day perfect.

Balloons make the perfect guest book, filled with well wishes!

How’s this for sweet? A guest book filled with balloons of well wishes, carrying the happy couple into their new life! A super easy project – love it!

And now for something a little different…

For those brides who are *seriously* committed to this theme, VOILA!